Linden Christian School Virtual Tour

Our Early Years classrooms are designed for children. Students can learn, laugh, grow and have fun in these creative spaces.

A Linden Christian School education promotes your child’s success and will provide you with confidence and peace of mind.

Our Early Years Playscape is designed to make learning through play engaging.

Our students are taught to move and and stay active as we empower them to take charge of their own physical health.

Our Middle Years program uses the full Manitoba school curriculum, with the added thread of a biblical worldview woven across all subject areas. Students experience an integrated approach to learning curriculum while living out spiritual values in the world around them.

Linden Christian is committed to providing students with nurturing learning experiences that address their needs in the physical, social, intellectual and spiritual domains.

Linden Christian School offers an exciting visual arts program with strong education in the classroom in early years, instruction in middle years as a class course, and as an elective choice in our senior years.  Our spacious and bright art room enhances the creative experience and supports art instruction for students and staff alike. The addition of a kiln to our program has strengthened the education experience with a ceramics component.

Our new science lab is fully operational and provides 1500 square feet of fresh new teaching and learning space for our students.

The new lab features peninsula orientation at each lab station, 5 – 55″ screens for viewing animations, computer stands at each station, an interactive white board projector, a fully vented pass through fume hood and more. The reverse osmosis water taps, vented acid and waste storage, chemical storage zone and separate teacher prep area were all carefully planned and brought to functionality in the new space.

Whether in academics, the arts, or athletics, biblical truth is at the heart of who we are at Linden Christian School. Our goal is to help students grow in their relationship with Christ as they study, understand, and obey God’s Word and develop a biblical worldview.

Beginning in the earliest grades, students attend weekly chapels and are taught daily Bible lessons at an age-appropriate level. As students mature, additional academic and extra-curricular opportunities exist to challenge them in their faith and to help them grow in their understanding of God and the principles of Scripture. Mission projects, weekly chapel time, leadership development, prayer times, and Bible instruction all contribute to the spiritual journey.