Linden Christian School offers international students the opportunity to participate in a Canadian educational experience, supported by a strong EAL program. New Canadians that still require language support in their school experience also benefit from this program.

Linden has EAL teachers that are able to adapt curriculum goals and objectives to facilitate English language learning and transition to regular high school programming. Our teachers attend classes with students where necessary, assist with research and editing writing assignments, teach classroom curriculum as needed, and provide general support in adjusting to Canadian schooling. Participants work toward developing interpersonal communication skills, cognitive academic language proficiency, and subject-area knowledge, all of which help our students achieve success in regular Senior Years classrooms.

Acceptance of international and/or non-resident students is limited, and is based on the school’s capacity to maintain an effective EAL program.

International Admissions

Step 1

Application Package

Send the following documents, signed by parent(s) or guardians(s), to the address located on the Application Form, attention “Admissions Officer”. For first time applicants click here: International First Time Applicants

  1. Complete LCS International Application Form
  2. Certified translated copies of school report cards, current year and past school year (2 years)
  3. Passport size photograph
  4. One letter of recommendation from a teacher or school principal
  5. Application Fee of $200, in Canadian dollars, payable to Linden Christian School (non-refundable)
  6. Read copy of the “International Agreement ”(see International Agreement 2020)
  7. Read the Linden Christian School LCS Doctrinal Statement of Faith and sign the back of the application form indicating agreement. Because biblical teaching from a Christ-centred worldview is an integral part of a student’s education at LCS, each parent must read the Statement of Faith. Both parental signatures are required. Biblical teaching is integrated with the curriculum in a significant way and your signature(s) indicate your agreement to have your child learn these articles of faith on a daily basis
Step 1

Step 2


The Application Package is reviewed by the Administration. If the Application Package is in order and Administration has assessed a capacity to meet student’s EAL needs, you will be presented with a letter of acceptance and registration documents to be completed and returned.

Step 2

Step 3


Upon receipt of a letter of acceptance, send the following documents, signed by parent(s) or guardian(s) and the student, to the address on the registration form, within two (2) weeks of receiving the letter of acceptance.

  1. Completed registration form
  2. Registration fee of $75 per student, in Canadian dollars and payable to Linden Christian School
  3. Capital fee of $350 per family, in Canadian dollars and payable to Linden Christian School
  4. Full tuition fee, in Canadian dollars and payable to Linden Christian School
  5. Copy of Study Permit, Visa documentation
  6. Copy of Birth Certificate
Step 3

Step 4

Arrival In Canada

Upon arrival in Winnipeg, and prior to commencement of studies, students must report to the Admissions Officer to:

  1. Present his/her original Visa, Study Permit, Birth Certificate
  2. All international/non-resident students must obtain health insurance to attend school. Registration will not be deemed completed until proof of medical coverage is received by the Admissions Officer. As of September 1, 2018, international students studying in Manitoba are no longer covered by the Manitoba provincial health insurance program.
Step 4